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Refund Policy

H2o Fitness Refund Policy

Payment Options:

  • Monthly – Prepaid
  • Quarterly – Prepaid
  • Half Yearly – Prepaid
  • Annually – Prepaid

Terms and Conditions:

  • Minimum membership period of 1 month.
  • All rights and obligations will be in force from the date of Admission Agreement.
  • All fees stated in this membership agreement are non-refundable.  
  • In case you opt for access multiple days in a week, the days on which you shall have access may vary from time to time, as the same would depend upon a schedule set up under an agreement arrived at between you and a H2O FITNESS representative, after consultation. After expiry of the period, you may at your option renew the membership at the rate applicable at the time of renewal. If not renewed, this Agreement shall expire at the end of the prepaid period. Prepaid membership cannot be sold or transferred. H2O FITNESS will only recognize you as the member.
  • H2O FITNESS reserves the right to increase your monthly fees based on its sole discretion without prior notice.
  • Your membership cannot be transferred to another individual.
  • Your membership cannot be paused if you are on vacation/out of town/sick. In case of emergency or unfortunate event H2O Fitness will adjust as per their discretion after discussion with H2O associate.
  • Fees may vary for you depending upon the type of membership and/or time of purchase. Your fees or dues rate is will specified in the admission agreement separately.
  • All fees and monthly dues shall be paid in advance through any of the payment modes accepted by H2O FITNESS.
  • Failure of payment at the Scheduled payment date, H2O FITNESS levies a late payment fees at the rate of Rs. 100/- per day, till such date the payment is made.
  • In case of Non-payment of dues (including the late payment charges), H2O FITNESS shall have the right to recover an amount equal to two times the amount (including the late payment charges) due and payable by you.
  • Diverse Products – Please refer to FAQs available on the Platform for requesting refunds in case of Diverse Products
  • Promotions, membership benefits and events will be communicated via phone, SMS or email to the members
  • Food Products – You can request for cancellation / pausing of Food Product orders with scheduled deliveries and request for refund / adjustment in future orders against the same. However, acceptance of cancellation / pause requests shall be at the sellers’ / Company’s discretion and dependent on the cancellation cut-off time and the quantity of Food Products ordered by You. There shall be no refunds for on-demand Food Product orders
  • With regards to payments, the Platform shall not be responsible for any unauthorised transactions conducted on our Platform using Your payment card or internet banking. The Platform shall not be obligated to refund any money to You in such instances.