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Starts @ 999 ₹*

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    55 Days Transformation

    Shreya Sharma, 4 Inches Loss, 5 KG weight loss, 55 Days


    60 Days Transformation

    Ridhima Khajuria, 6.5 Inches Loss, 8 KG weight loss, 60 Days


    2.5 Months Transformation

    Vijaya Rajput, 7” Inches Loss 10 kg Weight Loss 2.5 Months ⠀⁣


    50 Days Transformation

    Ankkit Saxena, 8 Inches Loss, 17 KG weight loss, 50 Days


    70 Days Transformation

    Satish Lohia, 10” Inches 28kg Weight Loss 70 Days


    2.5 Months Transformation

    Romil Gokhale, 8 Inches Loss, 15 KG weight loss, 2.5 Months

    Starts @ 999 ₹*

    Customer speaks

    Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

    This is a one stop solution for anyone seeking to be FIT in life the right way. Every member is given special & customised attention+ routine which is in sync to his/her personal goals and is continuously monitored & tweaked in order to achieve the best results.
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    Arun Shankar
    This is actually a place where everyone can get his dream physique or figure. Because that Man give surety to take out ur best from u. Its a fight between U vs U. For me he is not a trainer He is a Guru for me. Because trainer can train u wrong but a Guru Can’t do that. “ No pain No gain”
    Vijay Dhanda
    I've lost 2 dress sizes in about 3 months and feel very confident about myself and the journey ahead. In just 3 months I've realised how important it is to stay fit and constantly work towards your goals, be it fitness goals or life goals. Discipline can make anything possible.
    Shreya Sharma
    Talking about H20 fitness gym ,this is the best gym I have ever come across, It’s been 2 months I have joined this gym and it has given me that willpower to make it my routine irrespective of time, schedules everything. This is the most comfortable and positive place I go to in my entire day.
    Ridhima Khajuria
    I never wanted a gym with zumba, boxing or a thousand other marketing shams.. I wanted results, this place gives results. With Dheeraj sir at its heart, we don't only train our body but also the mind and this change spreads into every area of our daily life. Thank you Dheeraj Sir.
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    Saransh Karira
    It’s been only 6 months since I joined H2O Fitness and I can say that I have transformed not only physically but mentally as well, and this is all because of Dheeraj Sir. He is very dedicated trainer and has helped me in achieving my fitness goal. He gives equal attention to all his students.
    woman, gothic, dark
    Ankita Nagpal



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    We are working in this industry from the last 10 years and have transformed more than 7000+ people. At H2O fitness, we offer 100% result, so if you are looking for similar results and serious about your goal then this place is for you. We provide 100% Personalised Training & Diet according to your body type, basically special attention to each member.

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