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Hi, I m Enoch Walter My experience with Dheeraj Bhai has been a game changer. I had lost all hopes to ever getting into a good shape. I am 46 years & joined H2O on 25 Feb and have lost 11.5 kgs majorly during the lockdown period. I received daily exercise patterns over WhatsApp and bi-weekly feedback sessions with Dheeraj Ji have been super effective. I am enjoying the NEW ME. Thanks you so very much. I owe you big time!
Enoch Walter
Dear Dheeraj Sir, I really wanted to thank you for your extended support which you provided me in this lockdown period by daily following up personally on my 1 Mental Health 2 Physical Health 3 Diet Which helped me come out from anxiety, depression and sudden downfall in energy level in this time period.Not only this but you also helped me in achieving my fitness target. Which I was trying from so long but couldn’t able to achieve it. Sir, you can make any impossible thing Possible. And you have proved that with you Fitness can be achieved Anywhere Anytime. Regards Natasha
So, I am back again with a review on Dheeraj sir but this time experience is related to " Lockdown special" I delivered baby in Jan end and March onwards Lockdown started, I didn't have any other option than joining online training and this time it was extra hard because this was a pregnancy weight!!! Since I already had a very good experience with Trainer Dheeraj Sir. I decided to join him for online training as well. And here is my experience. 1. No other person can beat him in motivating you. 2. He gave me a personalized diet considering that I am a lactating mother which is working really well in my case. 3. I get my training schedule one day prior with the guiding videos, if videos don't work he himself comes online to teach right exercise. 4. He takes daily update of died and training. 5. Most importantly I lost around 4.5 kg in a month with 3 to 4 inches from tummy. I have been still continuing and I am 100% sure I will reach my goal with Dheeraj sir's help.
I have been doing my workout in lockdown, initially I thought it won't be that effective since we won't be using any dumbles or machine.. but I was surprised to findout that we can actually do an effective workout and feel the muscle blast even without the essentials. There has been a constant support from Dheeraj Sir and I reduced 2 inches in 1 month, I feel that's really good when it comes to me.😊
H2o personally plays a great role in my life for Physical and mental improvement despite confined in walls during lockdown. I have felt the endurance power that I never thought existed in me. The personalized diet plan and regular training helped me to lose inches with which I had been struggling for years. This is a great place to make life better in terms of physical, mental and social growth. Just keep that will to bring the change and rest will be taken care by H2o.
My experience of training in lock down with Dheeraj sir is beyond any words. I have seen major transformation in my body. Have lost 7 inch from waist line from 34" to 27" now. My whole body shape has improved and I fit in XS size tee now instead of M/ L size I wore before. Also my legs, thighs have come in shape. Everyone admires me for the changes and I feel very confident. Also my appearance has reduced my age by 7-8 years. Apart from this, I have made it habit to eat right and healthy and my complexion and skin tone has also improved.
Shruti Aggarwal
#mevsme is something which has been inculcated deep in to every students mind at h2o fitness. even during lockdown the war didn't stop. Dheeraj bhaiya with his perseverance and aura helped me achieve some of my goals which were seemingly impossible during lockdown . but then that's exactly the speciality of h2o fitness . achieving what you really think is impossible.
Hitesh Mohan
My experience was great with h2O gym during lockdown. Sir made sure that I am doing my workout regularly and with proper intensity as I use to do in the gym. he keep on tracking my progress fortnightly and updated diet chart if required. Whenever I face challenges any while doing exercise he provided immediate assistance to me either via call or video sharing. He was keeping check on my mental health as well and provided few guidelines to stay safe and healthy during lockdown.
Ankita Nagpal
I really appreciate the efforts made by Dheeraj sir during lockdown. Asking about diet, workout, training, goals, health everyday is a big task but he always makes sure he does it regularly. Doing all these things in lockdown shows how passionate he is about results and goals.
During this period of lockdown my step of choosing H2O Fitness came out to be perfect for my transformation. The training and the diet plans are very nicely prepared. H2O Fitness always keep a watch on our diet, water intake, our physical as well as also our mental health. I have never been so motivated before. Everything from formats, instructors, feedbacks all are focused very nicely. My this very new experience during this lockdown is really impressive. Excellent work.
Priya Gautam
During this lockdown H2O fitness helped me to being fit physically as well as mentally. The personalized training by dheerej sir played an important role in the lockdown survival.
Priyanka Nayak
The start of COVID 19 and lockdown had me worried, with the gyms being shut. Thankfully H2O Fitness team had online programs in place and it helped me continue my routine workout with customized plan, weekly consultation and constant attention has proved beneficial and I am getting the exact result as I used to get while working out in the gym.
Before the lockdown I was regularly hitting the gym and maintaining my diet. I was positive that in the next few months I’ll achieve my target. As the spread of COVID-19 increased, the gym got closed for our safety but I decided to continue my training with Dheeraj sir remotely. I had my doubts about it but still decided to give it a try. Dheeraj sir regularly checked my progress and discussed the problems I was facing daily, like, irregular sleeping pattern, eating habits, irregular or incomplete workouts etc and gave suggestions and scolding accordingly. The meal plan is easy to follow during lockdown. No fancy meals, can be easily prepared using major ingredients present at home. The daily workouts sometimes are longer than required, and most of the times I’m not able to complete it. So, if you’re really serious about your fitness and need some guidance to unblock your hurdles, then h2ofitness is right for you. Also, remember that if you give your 100%, you’ll see results in no time.
Shreya Sharma
I had a very great workout session with the help of Dheeraj Sir who is my mentor and coach. Because of his help I have lost 5 kgs working out at home. I feel great physically and mentally. Learned how to workout on your every body part with minimal equipments.
Awdhesh Tiwari
Dheeraj Sir has always taught me that life changing results take lifestyle change. You always state - "Be Better, do not follow average". You have always encouraged  me to get up and make that change for a better future. 

During the pandemic, where I was working from home and finding time for self was difficult. But here, I have learnt to see the positivity towards everything. I was able to adapt to the new ways of workout. I've learnt to make the most of limited resources in the fitness space and achieved physically as well mentally a balance than ever before. 

The best part is Dheeraj Sir, ensures that he stays in touch with you regularly and religiously keeps a track of your fitness and diet. 

Thanks a lot for putting in your best possible efforts for me to achieve my fitness goal.

I would recommend Dheeraj Sir and guidance to anyone who wants to experience.
Joita Goswami
With the lockdown and sedentary lifestyle, I had started putting a lot weight, not only physically but mentally also. I realised it was time to take action and contacted Dheeraj for at home Training. It’s been now close to 2 months that I have been training with him. He not only takes into account your health issues while designing your training and diet chart but also makes sure you are mentally in sync with both. There were numerous days when I felt down since I could not do the training like the way I wanted to. And then there were days when I felt like giving up completely. But Dheeraj motivates you at a different Level. He knows exactly how important it is to have a right mindset while training and he ensures to push you enough to be walk the path. For me the journey to fitness is a really long one but I would not choose anyone except Dheeraj as my Fitness Coach.Thank you from Bottom of my Heart.
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Reema Wali
Covid-19 has changed the way we knew life. Focus has changed from luxury to survival basics with immunity as the ONLY effective weapon against the virus.

Recipe of immunity has three main ingredients: Mental health, Food & Physical activity. Sadly, the lockdown, social distancing, work from home… all of these lead to a pure sedentary lifestyle. Most of us have zero to superficial level of knowledge when it comes to “what are the right foods to eat?” Can you deny the mental pressure this on-going situation is putting on us?

I experienced a lack of motivation, knowledge, and guidance to work on my fitness in Corona times…

But online coaching from H2O fitness left me with NO excuses for not working out or eating right, keeping me motivated throughout.

I couldn’t believe the mirror when I saw that with online coaching I lost my side fat and have a flat stomach in 2 weeks only?

I don’t have to worry about “what to eat?” “what not to eat?” “What exercises to do?” “What is the right way to do all these exercises?”

I feel energetic & fresh through the day, I’m not putting on any fat in lockdown, I haven’t fallen sick, had a headache, fever or anything as my immunity has improved a lot and I easily achieved my fitness goals too. My immunity my vaccine against the virus! Thank you H2O fitness for making it happen.
Akhil Kohli
After lockdown Dheeraj bhaiya, as always motivated and provided custom home excercise plan which not only elevated the energy level but also helped me make one more step towards the fitness.

Thanks bhaiya
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Varun Abhishek
"Yes, the gyms are closed. But that's not an excuse for not exercising. " That what my trainer (Mr. Dheeraj Kumar ) told me. He proved that you don't always need to hit the gym to stay in shape. He took whatsapp to share a daily workout It includes high-intensity workout, core workout, chair workout, bodyweight training and cardio. And keep a daily check on my exercise and diet and motivated me to maintain healthy routine and not become lazy and fat.
Ritika Bhardwaj
During lockdown, everything changed but one thing remained constant for me - continuous motivation by Dheeraj sir to commit to my fitness. I have always been a part of the distance program and hence this was the only constant in life. While I had my high and low times, the fitness plans were customized to fit the morale but never stopped - moving from 7hr per week commitment to atleast 10 mins daily as time permitted - the key was to keep it going. Happy that if not lost, I have not gained weight during this time 🙂
Neelima Prasher
Dear Dheeraj sir

I really wanted to thank you for Your support during this lockdown period
By giving me
Daily training keeping my daily diet and exercise records .

Helping in many ways like reducing my mental stress .
This helps me to overcome my stress level.

I started paying attention again towards my life and my work You help me for achieving my dreams. I was struggling so long for my fitness but some how it couldn’t happen. You help me in
Achieving my fitness goals . You built confidence in me again.

You taught us that we can achieve our goals dreams in this lockdown period as well.
It doesn’t matter where are we , We can hit are targets from anywhere.
I started seeing changes in my self.
Sir you are the best Without you it can’t possible . Thank you so much sir for your support .
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Shruti Ji
I am training with Dheeraj since November in H20 fitness and now working out in home since lockdown..

Dheeraj is always upbeat and knows how to push you without being a drill instructor. More importantly he is good and recognizing small muscle groups and areas where you need improvement and then finding ways to address them. It is about mobility and making sure you feel great, not just looking good.
Kaushik Das
I have always been a person who needs an extra push and continuous monitoring to do something. Before lockdown, I was regularly going through rigorous training under Dhreeaj sir, but as the lockdown was announced I thought my training has come to stall for the time but fortunately that didn't happen. I knew that Dhreeja sir has many online students but never knew it could be this effective for a person like me. Dheeraj sir monitored me regularly, asked for the daily and timely updates on training and diet, weekly photos, measurements, and targets to keep my fitness on track. There were occasions when I injured my self during training, Dhreej Sir helped me with the stretching and recovery exercises through video conferencing. I have achieved better health and strength in this lockdown period and I am really thankful to H2O fitness and Dhreej sir for helping me take such good care of my health.
Netri Verma
My experience with h2o fitness during the lockdown has been very positive. Regular follow-ups have helped me to keep my workout routine. Sending photos after fixed period also a very good idea. Suggestion - I had paid 6 months fees before the lockdown began and then the gym got closed. Is there any adjustment that could be done in future as I didn't get to use the gym at all?
Nakul Parmanu
All in all the experience during the lockdown has been positive. Regular follow-ups and feedback regarding the workout have been helpful to adapt to home conditions without training equipment. Dheeraj sir told me some good exercises that could be done without any gym equipment. Even if I forgot to send the status one day, Dheeraj sir has made follow strict routine to send exercise status on a daily basis. I thought me workout will reduce since because of the lockdown but surprisingly Dheeraj sir and I have kept to our routine and goal to make sure the hard I have done in the past does not go waste. But i miss being in gym.Home workout doesn’t fully replace that.
Priyanka Prasher
I had a very good experience with H2O fitness during this lockdown. I was given a daily workout schedule with videos to assist in keeping the posutre right. There would be a daily update taken by H2O Team about workout and diet status with regular counseling sessions by Dheeraj sir to keep me motivated all through the while. H2O Fitness was very determined to not let anyone feel like they're out of gym and helped keep our daily fitness routine steady!
Swati Singh
Dear Dheeraj sir

I really wanted to thank you for Your support during this lockdown period By giving me Daily training keeping my daily diet and exercise records .

Helping in many ways like reducing my mental stress . This helps me to overcome my stress level.

I started paying attention again towards my life and my work You help me for achieving my dreams. I was struggling so long for my fitness but some how it couldn’t happen. You help me in Achieving my fitness goals . You built confidence in me again.

You taught us that we can achieve our goals dreams in this lockdown period as well.
It doesn’t matter where are we , We can hit are targets from anywhere.
I started seeing changes in my self.
Sir you are the best
Without you it can’t possible .
Thank you so much sir for your support .
Shruti Sharma
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