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How to Build Body at home without weights and equipment

How to Build Body with home workout no equipment

Gyms can be a stuff which people might think not to prefer during this Pandemic of COVID-19 times. Some of us also can’t afford such expensive and costliest Gym and Instructor fees but they really want to make a Good Physique or want to achieve their Fitness Goals.

Fitness is the one most thing that anyone can achieve by Good training and diet whether at Gym or at home. For Building a Good body at home you really don’t want any Equipment or weight.

We, H2o Fitness, will guide How to build muscles without lifting weights and equipment at home. H2o Fitness is considered as one of the Best gym in Gurgaon with well trained experienced trainers, we’ll assure you 100% Results.

There are 4 Steps you always have to consider while building a good physique at home without equipment .

Here’s our full video guide on How to Build Muscles without equipment.

How to build muscles at home without Equipment

  • Prepare the Mindset Truly
  • Workout honestly
  • Diet and water is must
  • Perfect Sleep and lower stress

1. Mindset

The Mindset is the very most thing to do anything. Without making up your mind, you can’t even drink a glass of water properly. You have to decide from your mind, that this time you have to do every step properly to make a good Body.

home workout no equipment

It’s not can be done if you can’t make up to it properly. So First prepare yourself from the Brain.

2. Workout

After the brain, you have to move forward to the workout. The workout is the main aspect of this whole period. You have to make yourself exhausted, No matter how many sets and reps you do.

Go check our Youtube channel in which Experienced Trainer of H2o Fitness, Mr. Dheeraj Kumar will teach you some basic set of exercises which you can perform at home.

Check out on youtube


Don’t Forget to do Warm up

3. Diet

Diet is another main aspect of this routine of Building a body at home. Keep Yourself aside from any other food. If you lose 1 step, you might far away from your fitness goals.

Nutrition you have to keep in Mind


50% Carbohydrates and 50% Protein


20% Carbohydrates and 80% Protein.


40% Carbohydrates and 60% protein


100% protein and fibre, there’s no Carb included

Intake water as per need. During Winters, you might have to take 3Ltr. to 3.5Ltr.

4. Sleep and Stress

Sleep and stress is also a very important step in your transformation journey.

Do not sleep too much or too little, sleep perfectly to 7-8 hours. And Lower the stress, as stress makes you weaker towards your aim.

Follow these steps to make your fitness goals successful. By following our steps, you’ll get results within 1 month.

Now, we’ll tell you why are you not getting any result with home workout no equipment

Many People think that Home workout is enough to make a good physique or fitness, They thought that they ought to join a gym to make good fitness. But, that’s wrong, following are the reasons why you not getting any result.